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The base of the cocktail is 0,75 / 1 litre of mixed beers (2 to 3 maximum) of the same type / family.
You can make flaming beers with any kind of beers: pils, blond, dark, special or fruity. Don't use strong beers because the mix beer alcohol will not be balenced.
The most appreciated flaming beers are the ones made of traditional Belgian gueuzes (Lambic, Faro, Peach, Kriek , Raspberry, Blackcurrant).
Here are some potential combinations leading to great taste:
- Gueuze Lambic + Peach Gueuze
- Gueuze Lambic + Gueuze Faro + Peach Gueuze
- Gueuze Faro + Peach Gueuze(My favorite)
- Gueuze Faro + Kriek Gueuze (Cherry)
- Gueuze Faro + Raspberry Gueuze
Just apply the same rules. You'll mix and warm a mix of 2 alcohols (maximum 3) between 25° et 45° (few cl - 1 or 2 mini glasses) because you must associate the beers to the alcohols while balancing their tastes and strengths.
Most of the time, we use 'white' alcohols blancs like geneva, eau de vie (brandy) and if you plan to make a sweet or fruity flaming beer, fruity aclohols like Cointreau, Quetsch (Plun), Peer, Mirabelle, Mandarine, etc
DON'T use strong liquors, aperitive liquors (pastis, Martini) and killer alcohols (95°).
Here are some good combinations:
- Eau de Vie (Brandy) + Cointreau (My favorite)
- Genièvre + Cointreau + Quetsch
Take a giant chalice glass with a minimum capacity of 1 litre. You can find them for around 15$ in furniture and domestic shops. In Europe, you can easity find them in the Casa shops. You can search their online list to find the closest one.
The flaming beer is the most friendly beer: the tradition requires it to be drunk with a straw by all drinkers at the same time! For that reason, distribute a large diameter straw to each participant.
  1. Open the bottles of beer;
    If you would like, you can mix the beers in a jar.
  2. Put the glass in place, distribute the straws, switch the light off;
  3. Mix the chosen alcohols in a small cooking pot and warm it until it becomes fizzy;
  4. Once the alcohol mix is hot, set in on fire with a lighter;
  5. Pour the burning mix in the glass;
  6. Wait 2-3 seconds, pour the berr;
  7. Put the straws in the glass and savour it at your own pace and thirst :-)
Just have a look: at the end, you only have happy people around the glass!
Here is the proof ().
Season 2002 : 1, 2, 3. You'll see how easily and quickly it will relax the atmosphere and make it enjoyable ...

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